Places to see

Archaeological Museum in Krakow

Archaeological Museum in Krakow is the oldest Polish museum of this type. Today, the Museum is more than half a million relics exhibition. Counting the group are unique monuments donated to the Museum by explorers, collectors and pickers. Since 1967, the headquarters of the Museum is a historic complex of buildings at 3 Senacka street.

Permanent exhibitions at the museum are "Prehistory and Early Middle Ages Little Poland", "Gods of Ancient Egypt", "The history of the oldest and the old building of the Archaeological Museum in Krakow" and "Władysław Kluger Peruvian collections."

Oscar Schindler's Factory

Have you seen the famous Spielberg's movie "The Schindler's List"?

Events pictured in the movie belong to Krakow's modern history and the Schindler's factory "Emalia" was turned into a museum. There you will take a trip through the city of Krakow in its tragical episode of the Nazi occupation illustrated with real objects, not a Hollywood vision.

A history not to be forgotten and a great museum!

The Lost Wawel

Wawel is a royal castle, but beside state rooms, royal private apartments or a cathedral, the crowning place of Polish kings, there is an archaeological path, there, that will lead you through the history of the unique place.

After visiting it is worth spending a while relaxing at the Renaissance arcade courtyard of the castle and feel the atmosphere of the past epochs still present.

"Wieliczka" Salt Mine, Miners' Route

It is a new attraction of the well known underground museum of the UNESCO list.

If you are tired with regular museum visiting, this is something for you! For 3 hours you will turn into a miner, get dirty for sure (special overalls included), explore some rare places and bring some salt crystals as a souvenir. The only thing you need is to take a train from the Main Railway Station in Krakow. In about 30 mins you will come from the heart of Krakow to a historical salt mining town.